SBP Mini Blade Protector

Hardcore protection for your Shockwave Blade 2.0 and 2M.

You don’t want a dirty, beat up blade do you?

This product only fits the KAK Shockwave 2.0 and 2M!
Does NOT fit  Shockwave Blade, Classic, or Stealth!



All NFA rules apply. Not legal for use on pistols. In purchasing this product, I understand that installing this product on a handgun with a barrel length of less than 16 inches results in the re-design of the firearm and constitutes the making of a SBR:

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  • Prevents dirt and debris from entering void in Shockwave
  • Protects Shockwave from damage due to accidental drops
  • Steadies firearm when propping against a wall
  • Legal for use with a lawfully registered SBR or rifles with barrels 16″ or longer
  • Made from anodized billet 6061 aluminum
  • Weighs 2.8 oz

NOT LEGAL FOR USE ON PISTOLS.  Legal for use on rifles.  All NFA rules apply.

Read the FAQ here.


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