INVRT Bandoleer MP5 Kit

John McClane wishes he had this kit in Nakatomi Plaza.  Seriously.


  • (1) INVRT™ Bandoleer Platform
  • (2) INVRT™ MP5 (9mm) Subgun Mag Pouches
  • (1) INVRT™ Pistol Mag Pouch (fits Glock 9/40 double stack and similar)
  • Does NOT include med pouch – you must add a med pouch separately.
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Designed in collaboration with Lunar Concepts, the INVRT™ is a bandoleer-style chest rig system based upon two concepts: speed and simplicity.  The INVRT™ magazine pouches are specifically designed to be used in the inverted orientation, with or without shock cord keepers (sold separately).  The angled placement and inverted orientation of the magazines on the INVRT™ allows for rapid magazine changes, and the minimalist design maintains a small, lightweight package.

Chest rigs and plate carriers are great, but they can easily be loaded up with unnecessary gear that may not be used in a real world scenario.  They can also be difficult to get into quickly, with a potential maze of straps to navigate.

Putting on the INVRT™ is as simple as swimming one arm through it (just like a rifle sling).  It is stable enough to fight from when worn as a traditional bandoleer, but secure the sternum strap and you have a rock solid platform that can be used to respond to any scenario.

Start with the “Platform Only” option to start with a blank slate to put together your own rapid response setup, or go with our “Full Kit” option to have an off-the-shelf solution that is just as suitable for use in a “Bug-Out Bag” as it is as an LEO “Active-Shooter Response Kit”.  The “Full Kit + Med” option includes a small med kit effective in both self and buddy-aid scenarios.

  • Ultra-quick deployment, just slip one arm through
  • Designed with speed and simplicity in mind
  • Perfect for use with “Truck Guns”, “Bug-Out Bags” or LEO “Active Shooter Response Kits”
  • Completely ambidextrous
  • Multi-layer, high strength construction
  • Padded platform with breathable mesh back
  • User configurable with PALS and hook/loop fields
  • 6 columns of PALS webbing on the main field
  • 1 column of PALS on each “arm”
  • 2″ wide loop fields flanking main PALS field (2″ x 2″ usable)
  • Made in the USA – Berry Compliant
  • Weight (Platform Only): 8.8oz
  • Weight (Full Kit + Med + Full Mags): 4lb 4oz



  • (1) INVRT™ Bandoleer Platform
  • (2) INVRT™ Subgun Mag Pouches for MP5 (9mm) magazines
  • (1) INVRT™ Pistol Mag Pouch (fits Glock 9/40 double stack and similar)

Be sure to add a Medical or M2 (Multi-Mission) Pouch and Revolver Pack for full capabilities!


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