FAT Airsoft Target Full System Bundle

Save $40.00 when you order the full system, and save an additional 15% when you buy 2 or more for CQB or scenario based training (discount shown in cart)!


  • F.A.T. Trap
  • Stand
  • Challenge Cover
  • Ten Targets

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Let’s face it, dry-fire is super boring.  While dry-fire is extremely effective, the reality is that its just not fun, and therefore we don’t do it nearly as often as we should.  The FAT (Firearms Adaptable Training) Target is a simple, convenient, and FUN way to practice your draw, trigger press, reloads, and any other firearms mechanic in your own home, with the use of an airsoft gun.  Airsoft guns are available as clones for just about every major make and model of handgun and assault rifle, making them the perfect platform to train with indoors.

The cardboard target itself is based on a “C” zone IPSC target, with printed “A” zones.  Inside the “A” zones are printed triangles (head and body) and a vertical line (body only) for segmenting.  These give you the ability to focus on the fundamentals or allow you to shoot our drills, or create your own.  The back side of the target is white, for use as “no shoots” in multiple target scenarios.

The trap portion is directly behind the “A” zones to catch BB’s from good hits, and features a door on the right side that slides open, allowing the BB’s to roll out into the trash receptacle of your choice with ease.  Add the optional FAT Challenge Cover to make it more difficult.  The Challenge Cover leaves only the printed “A” zones open.

When you’re ready to get back to the range, be sure to take some of our FAT Live Fire Targets, which feature the same scheme as the airsoft targets so you can see how you’ve improved.

Want even more?  Stage multiple targets for scenario based training, like a shoot house!

Installation is a breeze!  The trap comes bent out of the box.  Use any basic mounting solution (picture hook, drywall anchor, etc. – not included) to hang on your wall, or install on our FAT Stand.  The cardboard target has slots in it that easily mate with the trap.

  • Train your firearm mechanics in the comfort of your home with this airsoft target
  • Catches BB’s for easy clean up (“A” zone hits only)
  • Installs in minutes using common hardware
  • Made in the USA from 304 stainless steel
  • Order 3 or more kits at a 15% discount (discount shown in cart)

Installations instructions here.

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