F.A.T. Airsoft Target Instructions

WARNING: Always remove real firearms and ammunition from the area during use!

WARNING: Always wear eye protection when using this product!  Ricochets are possible when using a badly worn carboard target.  Always change targets when large holes begin to form.

Tools/extras needed for all installations:

  • Screwdriver (Phillips or flat)
  • 7/16″ Open-end or box wrench (or adjustable wrench)
  • Common picture hanger or drywall anchor (Monkey Hooks/Gorilla Hooks work great)

Standard Trap Instructions:

Click image above for printable PDF

  1. Remove protective film from trap and door.
  2. Install rubber backer (#2) in trap (#1) using supplied double-sided tape (#4). Be sure to line up holes in backer with holes in trap.
  3. Install door (#3) on trap using the supplied screw (#5) and lock-nut (#6). Door should be on the INSIDE of the trap. Snug the screw in the nut, and then back it off slightly so that the door slides freely up and down without  too much wiggle.
  4. Hang trap/door assembly on the wall using a common picture hanger or drywall anchor.
  5. Place cardboard target (#7) on trap by aligning slots in the target with hooks on the trap. The trap and be gently bent by hand if the hooks and slots do not line up perfectly.

Stand Instructions:


Click image above for printable PDF

  1. Assemble components as shown. Item #6 can be substituted for straight coupling labeled #2 for angled target